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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 21, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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check out the website. word of the day, do not be a criticaster. the spin stops here because we are definitely looking for you. >> this is a fox news alert. intelligence sources have in fact have confirmed that hundred men have took part if a coordinated assault on the u.s. con sool lat in benghazi. terrorist strike was carried out with precision in two separate waves. the terrorists were heavily armed and not only rocket propelled grenades but mortars, as well. also new this day, we warn you this footage is graphic. we can show you ambassador chris
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stevens body being found by looters and being dragged through the streets in benghazi following the storming of our consulate there. a still photo of that horrific moment. you can also make out this photo has a body gash, you can see it on stevens head. in light of the developments about the coordinated nature of the attack and announcing what the reality what our ambassador went through. this white house was misleading you the american people in the wake of this tragedy. they first denied it was a terror attack. now, they say it was an obvious terror attack. we have a president dodging questions about lack of security at the consulate and u.s. ambassador has been caught lying. each and every passing day it's more and more clear that the only way the president knows how to defend his actions is to distort the truth and deceive you the american people and lie. four americans are dead. the president is more interested
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in covering up the facts to save his political career than coming clean about the circumstances of this horrific terrorist event committed by an al-qaeda offshoot. that directly contradicts what he promised you in the early days of his administration. >> let me say it as simply as i can. transparency and the rule of law will be the touch stones of this presidency. >> i won't stop fighting to 70 up government. this is hard to do because we don't control every branch, but i can tell you, we have put in place the toughest ethics laws of any administration in history, in history. >> sean: correction, what is the least transparent and least transparent white house in american history. let me be clear -- this is far from the first cover-up scandal. from solyndra to the national security leaks to the joe sestak job offer. remember those? the list goes on and on and at
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the very top is operation fast and furious, another failure that cost brave americans their lives. does president obama take responsibility for this reckless program? of course not. he doesn't want that on his record. instead, again he lies pointing the finger of blame, when all else fails blame george w. bush. >> first of all, i think it's important the fast and furious program was begun under the previous administration. >> sean: that is also a lie. here is reaction to the ongoing cover-up that is going on in benghazi, former speaker of the house of representatives, newt gingrich. mr. speaker, welcome back. >> good to be you. >> sean: the ambassador's body dragged through the streets. this is more infuriating thing to me. this is the anniversary of 9/11. apparently we didn't beef up security and the president had
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no answer last night. we had these attacks and this is about movie trailer released in july. after two weeks of pressure, it's self-evident it was a terror attack and then the president says it was related to the movie. they can't get it straight. do you think they are lying? >> yes. i think the president of the united states has lied to the american people but i think he may be lying to himself. i think this president is so totally one-sided in his view of islam, he is so misinformed. he is so willfully ignorant, if you look at his cairo speech that was filled with factual errors. this is a president who simply can't face reality when it comes to people who wanted to kill us. when i see bear bearians -- barbarians torturing an american ambassador, i found those scenes
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horrifying and i think every american should be enraged. i don't want the commander in chief apologizing and talking about some stupid movie. america has the right to be a free country. america stands for freedom. we should be standing up around the world telling these people, we're not going to give in to you. we are prepared to meet your violence with whatever effort takes. we should hunt every one of them down. >> sean: i would really like to know -- what is the president going to do about it? now we are spending $70,000 on an ad in pakistan that shows our secretary of state, our president apologizing for the film. >> we are. >> sean: we are spending $70,000. now, they are saying all of these things about this movie and it's disgusting and despicable.
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next week in new york, andre serano picture of crucifixion, some tax money went to an award for this guy. are they going to speak out passionately against it. i doubt it? >> you have a left wing establishment which thinks that being anti-christian and pro muslim is totally appropriate. i'm tired of being lectured i should accept christ being emersed in urine or statue of mary in elephant dung. that we should recognize this as art. then somebody makes a stupid movie, no public funding or support, we are apologizing around the world and suggesting censorship of americans on behalf of islam, this is totally one side of view, not just the president and not just the secretary of state but also sorts of people in the news media. some of whom wrote strong
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columns attacking those of us who were offended by that and writing strong columns we should be seven surgery people that is offensive to islam. i think it's totally one-sided betrayal. >> sean: as people watch this ad taxpayer dollars are being spent in pakistan as the world continues to burn tonight, anti-american protests, embassies being attacked, flags being burned happening all over the world. all this muslim, quote, outreach has brought no goodwill towards the united states. here is the united states president, the united states secretary of state, this is the ad they are using our money to run in pakistan to try to appeal to islamist radicals that are protesting against us. >> since our founding the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to
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denigrate the religious beliefs of others. there is no justification for this type of senseless violence. >> let me state very clearly and i hope it is obvious, that the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content message. america's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. >> sean: are they going to say this next week about catholics when the crucifixion and christians? >> i wish they would have shown, this is administration waging war on the catholic church. i suspect cardinal dolan would be thrilled if president obama would apply the same ground to catholics as he is applying to
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muslims. to respect jew deyism and protestants but we get attacks that people are christians by a president that uses our tax money to apologize to people that are burning our flags, storming our embassies and as we just saw killing the american ambassador, torturing him according to one report. i want a president who stands up for america and who lectures the world about american values, one of which is free speech. i don't want a president who just a fews to those that are killings americans. >> sean: let me show you this other ad. it shows the former muslim brotherhood head, morsi and what we had had captured him saying. this comes on the heels of this week, hillary lobbying for more than $2 billion that we're sending the egyptians in aid.
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this is startling ad that they put out. watch this. >> here is the muslim brotherhood rally for their new egyptian president, mohammed morsi. >> they want to conquer israel and renew long severed ties with iran, a country building nuclear weapons to slaughter the israeli people, death to israel. the muslim brotherhood's top leaders even write about taking over america. president obama, you invited the muslim brotherhood to the white house? legitimize ago group that wants to undermine america and destroy israel? you sent them $1.5 billion of our taxpayer dollars?
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why, mr. president, why? >> sean: there is the president of egypt saying our capital spot going to be cairo but it will be jerusalem, allah willing. our cry will be millions of martyrs march towards jerusalem destroying the western civil generation from within -- civilization from within? >> the scenes simple. house republicans clearly indicate we're going suspend all aid to egypt until we have a different attitude from the egyptian government. we had the egyptian prime minister we should be seven surgery people in america or expect more riots. why would we send them more money? >> sean: especially in light of what their motto is. we'll continue with the f
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>>. >> sean: welcome back to hannity. tonight i continued to be joined from washington by the former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. pretty remarkable moment last night in the uni vision form. the guy that ran on hope and change, change in washington, admitted his biggest failure he can't change anything from the inside and the rnc came out with an ad highlighting what he said then versus tonight. >> in 2008 didn't candidate barack obama that he could fix washington and change status quo? >> from the start it's the idea that we have to fundamentally change how washington works. i wanted to finally solve problems that we talk about year after year to end the division. washington must change and they
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must change now. that is why i'm running for president of the united states. >> if by his own admission he hasn't accomplished that, why should we give him another chance? >> i have learned lessons over the last four years. and the most important, you can't change washington for the inside. you can't change washington from the inside. >> he said he can't change from inside, he can only change from the outside. we'll give his chance. >> we'll change washington and put people back to work. >> sean: he can't cut the deficit in half or create shovel-ready jobs. now, he says he can't change it. new campaign slogan? >> no, i think one of the greatest challenges for obama if he gets re-elected is the mess he is going to inherent from the
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current president. it's an absurdity. what i have been saying we have been going yes, we can to why we couldn't. now, we are explaining why it's hopeless. he does parallel jimmy carter in number of ways. but the core of the campaign is simple. if you think that economic stagnation, huge deficits, weak foreign policy, apologizing to our opponents, utter irresponsibility on things like the fast and furious gun scandal you think those are fine, vote for barack obama because you'll get four more years of it. if you think this is unacceptable for our children and grandchildren and dangerous for our country then you have to vote for mitt romney because he is the only alternative to barack obama. in the end this is going to come down to, do you really wanted four more years of stagnation, partisanship and nothing getting done in washington.
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and that is sort of what we promised. >> sean: how do you analyze the race up to this point? some people getting nervous? >> gallup has 47-47. it's going to come down to handful of states, as you look at the race right now, what do you think? >> i think we just had two weeks of the most intensely biased media you could imagine. for example a poll in virginia shows obama up by four points. you evaluate the poll and probably off by 12-15 points, yet it's page 1. you go to item after item like this. mitt romney says correctly that the united states should not be apologizing to those who storm our embassy. an american ambassador gets killed where he had no security. intelligence system did not work
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administration has lied and three or four days media attacking mitt romney. the bias has been as vivid as i have seen. lesson is simple. this is what it is like to be a conservative in a general election, slow the campaign down emphasize things that american energy independence plan, stick to your guns, offer people a clear choice. i think this is very winnable race. i'll say something from personal experience. romney has to go into that first debate and be as tough obama as he was with me in florida. he can't waltz in there and trying to be attractive. he has to be tough, directed and decisive and win the first debate. in which case this is a wide open race and obama will lose by a big margin. >> sean: he has to come out in the opening minutes. it has to be right out of the box. i've never seen obama deem with
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somebody that hits him hard, never. frankly i think he is so arrogant i don't know if he will be able to deal with it that well. romney has so much ammunition. you can start why didn't you tell the american people the truth about what happened in benghazi. what about what happened in w fast and furious. you could ask the president to tell the truth. >> sean: all right. by the way, i did get a copy, i see your wife has written a terrific, land of the pilgrim's pride is coming out. >> i'm very proud of her. it's for parents and grandchildren to read. first book was a "new york times" best-seller. introducing young americans to american history.
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i'm very proud of what she has been doing. >> sean: we'll look forward to that. mr. speaker. thank for your time. coming up will the administration apologize for the return of an anti-christian that shows a crucifix submerged in urine. and day of love but more riots raged across the country. raged across the country. that the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes lollipop? yes! do you want an etch a sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no you got talent. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. with a 50% annual cash bonus it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet? i usually say that.
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>>. >> sean: following more than a week of riots all across the globe, the government of pakistan declared, quote, a day of love for the prophet but instead a day of hatred as once again american flags were being burned. it could be witnessed in the middle east, southeast asia and northern africa. the u.s. government shelled out your money, $70,000 on an apology campaign to o quelling anti-american rage. the latest round is not working either. joining me now, juan williams, mark thesen is with us. i wanted to know what is going to happen.
9:26 pm
the apology tour failed, calling american service men and women he is going to end torture, when is he going to do something? when is he going to send a message, stop breaching our embassies, stop burning or flags stop killing our personnel? >> it already happened. it was inexcusable. >> sean: when? >> to have religious tolerance that kind of violence or attacks on american property. >> sean: in past years, i'm going to say something, juan, if george bush or ronald reagan were president, they wouldn't do this. they were skird. >> are you serious, that nothing ever happened. >> they wouldn't be spending $70 million in pakistan aimed at radical islamists that hate our
9:27 pm
guts because they are radical islamists to apologize on behalf of this country for doing nothing wrong. mark? >> you are exactly right. i remember after se79d 11th, they said you can't send american troops to afghanistan or can't put american troops in iraq. the arab street, there will be anti-american violence. guess what? it hadn't happened until now. why is it, only under barack obama when he is doing everything the radicals want, pulling troops, he has pulled our troops out of iraq and pulled them out of afghanistan. he has announced a pivot to southeast asia but they are burning ef gees of barack obama across the middle east. >> sean: look at these images, juan. they burned our flag all over the world. they are killing people. the president's response to this
9:28 pm
has spend our money on an advertisement campaign, saying we're not responsible for the movie trailer as we now know as we reported had nothing to do with this? >> wait a second. let me make a couple points. the reason we give money to pakistan. the reason we have a relationship. >> sean: running ads they are running. >> you asked why do we give money to these people that are not friends to us and you saw on terms on the tapes. i want to remind you they are nuclear power and we want influence there. we are still going after those al-qaeda folks in the mountains of pakistan and we want our american soldiers have a way to get there and attack them. >> sean: radical islamist world
9:29 pm
is seeing right now, they are seeing a weak president. >> exactly. >> sean: they have no respect for him, none. >> my old boston rumsfeld weakness is provocative. we're seeing american retreat. an american ambassador killed in libya and the administration is afraid to call it a terrorist attack. they tear down the american flag and raise the black banner of al-qaeda over our embassy in sudan and yemen and we can do nothing about it. we have a president that is announcing we are retreating from afghanistan and iraq so we can do nation building at home. won't meet with netanyahu and draw a red line for their nuclear program. weakness is provocative. >> what happened to diplomacy, gentlemen? are you saying we should go to the war? [ talking over each other ] >> sean: stop apologizing for the pretext which is this ad
9:30 pm
which is the and cause is weakness. also coming up, a despicable and anti-christian piece. what they called so-called art is set to make return to new york and backlash from the white house is non-existent. no tv ads condemning the work and no shot of hillary clinton calling it deplorable and likely party to venorate this trash. party to venorate this trash. do you see a doubltçtçtçtçtç@@ jack, you're a little boring.
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9:35 pm
in new york city. that is right. no apologies, no commercials. what is this about? a taste of the artist's urine this, was vandalized after displayed in frachblts and why aren't we hearing this now? >> we find the video that has been so offensive to muslims to be disgusting and reprehensible. >> we absolutely reject it's contents, and message. to me, personally, this video disgusting and reprehensible. >> we have nothing to do with the video we find it offensive. >> we can all condemn this video. >> what is sparking recent violence was the airing on the
9:36 pm
internet of a very hateful video. >> and now, i'm going against here they're not going get the same sympathy from this administration, joining me now is judy joser and from america's together foundation, michael gost. let me ask you this question. a cruise yi fix, i'm a christian, submerged in urine a picture of the virgin mary elephant dung is offensive to me. why is it only in the case of radical islamists that these apologies and taxpayer money, why are we kissing up to, and sucking up to, people that hate us? because i don't see the administration doing this or saying anything saying it's disgusting this cruise yi fi fix -- cruise fix in urine.
9:37 pm
>> i think you're right, sean this, president doesn't know how to make a case for liberty. they have less value for, they seem to have a double standard for christianity and judaism. not only domestically, but abroad. saudies were sending literature that are antisemitic. they never said anything. but i, as a muslim, i see this as veiled big tri. -- bigotry that i need to be treated with kid gloves. or i'm going explode versus every other faith. >> sean: explain why these radical islamists if it's a cartoon they don't like or in this case a movie trailer, the worst film making in the history of man kind, you know? nobody saw that was released back in july and this has
9:38 pm
nothing to do with what happened in cairo or bengazy why is that radical islamists act this way and i haven't heard anyone in the quote, moderate muslim community, condemn the actions of radicals that are hijacking your religion. >> sean, you're wrong. muslims in america, including me and judy condemned this nonsense going on. >> and is this a mistake to suck up to them? and apiece them and the president of the united states running a campaign ad saying we didn't do this, please don't burn our flag. don't attack our embassies and kill our ambassadors? >> first of all it's not an apology. he, president is defending americans around the world. right now, it's a precarious situation. what -- he's not apologizing. >> sean: sure, he is. the state department apologized we're not responsible. this is outrageous.
9:39 pm
>> the president asked you tube to pull it down. >> and. >> this tells the damn world. >> sean: there is something called the first amendment. >> you're glad they took it down? that is an afront to who we are. that information. >> you didn't hear me. you didn't hear me! and there is a basic case for liberty. >> you didn't hear me. you didn't hear me. what i'm saying here... >> just a second. >> i said... i'm glad google did not pull it out. this is freedom. >> sean: michael, give him a chance. >> we're losing information war and the moderate muse limb, reformists see us as not making a case for liberty but what's happening is not just about the mob but saying america needs to start
9:40 pm
adjusting principals and controlling criticism of islam. and the saudies and oic is moving to see this is just mobs ignoring the fact that the leadership in the these countries believes in thoecracy. >> sean: i couldn't see a time or think of a time where an american president after our embassies are breeched and our flags ripped down, al qaeda flags put up chanting death to america we start an ad campaign saying we denounce this this, is disgusting please don't do anymore damage to american property or americans i could never, past presidents would respond with force, not weakness. we've got to rochl we need to make the case for liberty. >> good point and freedom of speech. >> sean: coming up, demanding answers about the terrorist attacks and also should we
9:41 pm
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>>. >> sean: now, we have highlighted on this program on or about's administration who is to blame for the benghazi attack that killed four americans. a bill has been introduced that requires an investigation into the attacks against u.s. interests in libya, egypt and yemen and depending on the results, foreign aid could, in fact, be cut. joining me to talk about the legislation and future of funding for these countries, senator jim demint and john corker. i understand we have a couple of bills and first is the
9:46 pm
investigation. to me. i out this out last night. either they are totally stupid or have the worst intelligence or political cover-up a because they don't want to admit that is obvious, on the anniversary of 9/11 they should have some protection for our embassies and they didn't. >> this is a terrible tragedy. since this has happened, the administration has sent out confusing and contradictory explanations of who did it and what it was. it was extraordinary that secretary rice said it was a spontaneous incident when it's very clear in this was done by a well-trained, well-equipped militia. the senator and i have created legislation but that required the administration to get us on answers within 30 days and we won't be able to pass a bill before the election because it was blocked.
9:47 pm
we have gotten an agreement by senator kerry and others to send a letter with the content of our bill to the administration demanding answers of very important criteria. you've mentioned them already. >> sean: senator, so the investigation you believe will go forward, correct? >> we think. by law there is always an existing law they have to go back and look at security measures. we wanted to know more. we want to know what happened. there is all kinds of reports about intelligence being given to embassies about protection. we've heard want to read more about it in the newspapers what the administration is telling us. we had a briefing yesterday, a classified briefing that was an absolute waste of time. >> sean: is that the one with hillary clinton? >> we want to know what happened. to read the "wall street journal" and "washington post", we don't know if it's accurate or not, we think is a
9:48 pm
disimmigration. we would like to know what happened. this is a tragedy as jim just mentioned. this person, chris stevens was a great public servant. we want to know if there were lapses. >> sean: you don't have mortars which apparently we at fox are reporting. there are rocket propelled grenades, libyan president said so. then we had three days of reports that it was going to happen. there is new group, let freedom ring, i believe that is the name of it. it shows the president of egypt, morsi, and his past positions on israel, jerusalem and some other controversial things. there is an issue of funding egypt further. let me run this ad. >> here is the muslim brotherhood rally for their new
9:49 pm
egyptian president mohammed morsi. they want to conquer israel and renew long severed ties with iran. a country building nuclear weapons to slaughter the israeli people, death to israel. the muslim brotherhood's top leaders even write about taking over america. president obama, you invited the muslim brotherhood to the white house legit meidz ago group that wants to undermine america and destroy israel? you sent them $1.5 billion of our taxpayer dollars? why, mr. president? >> sean: that is the president of egypt.
9:50 pm
the president has time for this guy, $73 billion over the course of the couple of decades. i just want to know why do we meet with guy who said all these outrageous things in the past? >> it's hard to explain. we spent decades building a strong relationship with egypt. there is a peace treaty between egypt and israel that has lasted a long time. we fear with the muslim brotherhood that we may be losing that. of course, the administration is trying to make the best of what appears to be a bad situation, but it doesn't look good right now. i don't think we should give up on egypt. we can't afford to. >> sean: i wanted to cut off all funding until they recognize israel's right to exist. he denounces his past comments. is that fair? >> i think our foreign aiduld b. that is something we've been working on here in the senate to get legislative language that
9:51 pm
would make that. >> first of all, i do agree we need to slow down and we need the right results. i will say $1.3 billion of the aid we send to egypt is directly tied to the camp david accord. it's actually in israel's interest that we continue this relationship with egypt. >> sean: i don't see it. >> they will tell you that -- yeah, i think again we need to slow down. we need to understand what leadership of egypt is going to do as it relates to israel. >> sean: but the muslim brotherhood was saying during the arab spring which is now the arab nuclear nightmare that is coming preparing war for israel. president has called the israeli vampires. he want the capital to be jerusalem, not cairo, jerusalem. >> we're going to solve a lot of
9:52 pm
this on november 6th, i hope. but in the meantime, every country that gets our support should have a list of conditions that they have to fulfill to continue to get that support. egypt would probably not meet those conditions right now. >> sean: thank you for being with us. coming up, president is too busy to meet with prime minister netanyahu but has time to play golf and hang out with beyonce and j-zee. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold new styling, unsurpassed luxury and nearly 1,000 improvements. introducing the redesigned 2013 glk. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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>>. >> sean: now tonight before we wrap this week. i want to take a few minutes and review the president's priorities. as the middle east is burning even tonight, american flags being torched and prime minister benjamin netanyahu was said to wait. he did the following things since august the 1st. he went to 16 fund-raisers. he playeded around a round of golf. he played basketball at the obama classic a fund-raiser and hosted the w ghrasmt champions at the white house. he did hobnob with a drug dealer admitted, and admitted shooting his brother, turned rapper
9:57 pm
jay-z. he had time for david letterman and favorite actresses, the beautiful anne hats away. guess how much debt aaccumulated late. more than $105 billion. does it sound like a president with his priorities in order? kirsten powers, you've been critical of the president of late. s does this sound like $105 billion. he is going to cut the deficit in half, in his first time. $105 billion in a month? >> primary criticism has been over the situation in middle east. we're not getting a straight story. i don't think they are giving it enough focus. i think this is a false narrative. democrats do it to republicans and it goes back and forth.
9:58 pm
people complained george bush spent too much time at the ranch. he should of have a round of golf. >> sean: he's had over a hundred. they are not being honest in middle east. i want to use a different word. they are lying. they lie about all the other things, they lie. media never calls them out on it. >> right. but there is so much to that. instead of going to a security briefing, he went off to las vegas. there is appalling lack of leadership in the middle east. instead of making this ridiculous ad where america just a fews for this ridiculousness. he is bow moaning he can't fix it from washington because he is not addressing as we he had hed toward the fiscal gift. he is hobnobing with his
9:59 pm
celebrity friends. >> sean: i don't like to be lied to. i don't want dirty air and water. i don't like to be aired to when we have two dead navy seals, a dead ambassador and another dead person. >> i'm with you. i think they are either lying or just dangerously naive about what is going on. either they don't understand what is happening there. both scenarios are terrible. >> i mean all i know that susan rice came out and said that was false. i think she did it intentionally to cover up the administration's failures, obvious failures of elevating islam, always apologizing for it and creating a situation that this is going to happen. now, they are almost fomenting it with the videos and


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